About me

Hi and thanks for checking out my blog. I’m a 31 year old woman living across the world from where I grew up. I came to Australia to study a Masters degree and chose Perth to continue a relationship (my former fiancé). Before settling here over 5 years ago (wow!), I travelled for years; backpacking, working, and living in 6 different countries over the course of my life. I left home on my own with my suitcase, and have learned more about myself, my strengths, and my weaknesses than I ever could have imagined.

I now find myself with far too many thoughts to keep inside, so I am trying out a blog. My friends and family have been at me to write a book about my experiences, but I get bored with new ideas pretty quickly so I figured I’d test the waters with a blog… at least this way I don’t have any deadlines. 🙂

If there’s any content anyone wants to see, just comment and I will endeavour to expand a post, write a new one or answer any questions asap.